Architectural Metalwork

Architectural Metalwork

Architectural Metalwork

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BIM and Architectural Metalwork in SolidWorks

SolidWorks in Your Industry Pt 3 - Architectural Metalwork

Covered Parking and Architectural Metalwork

Metalwork Calculator:
- Straight Stairs: calculate rising, going, pitch, tread diagonal. Height for every tread from the floor. Is possible to rotate drawing for better orientation.
- Stair Check: Compare data from side check with calculated data.
- Helical Stairs: calculate data for stringers (rise, going, diagonal, pitch).
- Gates: Calculate gaps between bars and start points. We have option with or without dog bars.
- Helical Balustrade: Calculate handrail length, angle, circumference and radius.
- Corner balustrade: Calculate gap between balusters with same pattern on step. Start and end points for balusters on landings and gap between balusters on landing.
- Balustrade A: calculate gap between balusters and length for bars. Calculate also distance between bar and step.
- Panels: Calculate gap between bars and start points for simple or 2 bars pattern panel.

Weight Calculator:
- Calculate weight for flat bar, square bar, round bar, chamfer bar, half oval bar, hexagon bar, tee bar, plate, CHS, SHS, RHS, angle, square angle, beam and channel. We can choose between many bars. Dimensions are in millimeters, weight is in kilograms and pounds.

Math Calculator:
- Calculate data for circle, right triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, circle segment.

App is great help for designers. We are able to double check our design. We can predict number of bars, gap between bars, arc and bars lengths, radius of handrails....

We have many working years experiences for the most expensive house market in Great Britain. We would like to hear from you to help us to improve our app.